If you are new to RELAX, please consider RELAX NG of OASIS. It is a schema language created by unifying RELAX Core and TREX.

RELAX (Regular Language description for XML)

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Tired of complicated specifications? You just RELAX !

In May 2001, RELAX Core has been approved as an ISO/IEC Technical Report.

ISO/IEC DTR 22250-1, Document Description and Processing Languages -- Regular Language Description for XML (RELAX) -- Part 1: RELAX Core, 2000 October

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What's New

1. Introductory

2. Articles about RELAX

3. Specification

4. Examples

5. Free Software

6. Commercial Software

XML Authority of Extensibility supports export in RELAX Core.

7. Mailing lists

8. Schedule

9. Links to relevant standard organizations

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